Zara Asker
Name Zara Asker
AKA Zara Beckett (Class A)
Birth name Jacqueline Oxford
Born 1970 Telford, Shropshire
Status Alive
Family Ewart Asker (husband)
Joshua Asker (son)
Tiffany Asker (daughter)
Jonah Asker (son)
Unknown fourth child
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Career status Mission Controller
CHERUB agent career Seven years as a qualified agent
Fourteen years as a CHERUB staff member
First Appearance Class A
Last appearance
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Zara Asker is the former chairwoman at CHERUB, and is a former agent and senior mission controller. She is now in charge of serious breaches of rules and punishments. She is married to Ewart who has succeeded her as chairman of CHERUB.


Early Life

Zara's parents were TV documentary makers. They died in a plane crash over the Amazon when Zara was a toddler. She lived with her grandfather until he died of a heart attack in 1977.

1978 - Joined CHERUB at the age of 8.

1984 - Zara attained the Black CHERUB shirt, becoming one of the youngest CHERUB agents ever to do so.

1988 - Retired as an agent after 14 missions.

1989-91 - Attained a degree in religious studies at Faile University in the United States.

1991-96 - Began working for the United Nations. Initially in an administrative post in New York, before working on peacekeeping missions throughout the world.

1996 - Rejoined CHERUB as an assistant mission controller 2003 - Promoted to mission controller.

After this she was promoted to senior mission controller then chairwoman.

Class A

Played the role of James, Kyle, Kerry and Nichole's mother. In the epilogue, it was revealed she was expecting her second child in 2005.

Maximum Security

The Killing

Zara offers James a mission to get him off a punishment detail

Man vs Beast

Promoted to Chairwoman.

The Fall

-First appearance as Chairwoman (ex. End of Man Vs Beast.)

Mad Dogs

Was the mission controller for the anti gang mission which James, Bruce and Michael were on. She was supported by Chloe Blake who ran the mission on a day to day basis.

The Sleepwalker

Had to bail James out of prison after he was arrested while working at deluxe chicken.