Yosyp Kazakov
Birth name
Born Ukraine
Status Deceased
Family Olek Kazakov (son)
Ethnicity {{{ethnicity}}}
Appearance & Height {{{appearance and height}}}
Career status Training instructor
CHERUB agent career
First Appearance
Last appearance Black Friday
Quotes {{{Quotes}}}

Kazakov is a training instructor who first appears after Mr Large is fired. He is Ukranian and has been involved in the Russian Military. He hates Americans as his brother (who also was a Russian soldier) was hit by an American missile which turned out to be fatal. He is known to be less sadistic than Mr Large but like all training instructors , he is very tough on the kids. He is killed in Black Friday, after his body is vaporised in the Oak Ranch explosion.

He is also known for being gay with other agents whilst in the military.

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