Vincent St. John, known as Vince, is a 14 year old with bleached hair and a busted nose. Vince is a member of Robert Vaughn's gang and a resident of Nebraska House where James Choke was a temporary resident. Vince's father and grandfather are in prison for B and E and gangrape, while his older brother is in a Young Offender's prison for rape. Vince's younger brother Paul also stays at Nebraska House and they share a room together.

Vince is in big trouble with the law as he has been arrested 35 times, and is facing a year in a Young Offender's prison. At one point, Vince picked a fight with a seven year old and threw him off the roof of Nebraska House. The young boy broke his back and was wheelchair bound for the rest of his life. Cherub agent Kyle Blueman found out about this incident while residing at Nebraska House as part of a recruitment mission. Kyle hated Vince for his cruelty, but was careful to avoid the latter at all costs. Vince still continues to break the law and hang out with Rob's gang.

After James arrives at Nebraska House, he meets Rob who introduces James to the gang. They decide to hang out one evening and trash expensive cars with hammers. When James is cautioned for his earlier assault on Samantha Jennings, Vince and the gang congratulate James for his first criminal charge. However, Vince then gets angry when James makes a joke about Vince's criminal family. As punishment, Vince makes James kiss the pavement and forces James to steal beer for the gang. Vince and Paul double cross James and block the door of the off-licence, leaving James to be caught and arrested. James refuses to grass on Vince.

According to Kyle, Vince was "crapping himself" because he thought James might have grassed him to the police. When James accepts a place at Cherub, Kyle offers James an opportunity to get revenge on Vince. Before leaving Nebraska House, Kyle and James pour sand and cola in Vince's room. After this incident, nothing more is said about Vince. It is likely that he would end up in prison like his family.

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