The Playboy is a bonus story released by Robert Muchamore. The story depicts one of three alternate futures for James.


By October 2031, James has become a billionaire, having used his card-counting skills to earn enough money to buy a run-down casino and create his own billion-dollar business empire with his wife Kerry, although the two have since divorced and remain on amicable terms. James is preparing to open a new casino, the Choke Grand Plaza, which Kerry claims is the biggest casino in the world. As James leaves to catch a helicopter, Bruce Norris (who has become his bodyguard) tells him that Lauren (who has married Rat and taken his surname), en route to New York, has asked Bruce to invite her to the opening of the Plaza that night.

As James, Kerry and their three daughters prepare for the grand opening, Lauren arrives in a hotel room set up for her by Kerry and places a modem into a transponder box in the room before calling a hacker who is seeking access to the Plaza's computer system, and telling him that the modem is connected to the hotel's wireless network. Lauren arrives at the opening ceremony to see that a promotional video for the casino, being screened at the opening, has been replaced by a video of Kate Porpoise, a Hollywood actress and another ex-wife of James', imploring those in attendance to donate to a group of charities. James, having realised that Lauren is responsible, confronts her but dismisses the impact of her actions. Although James makes his peace with Lauren, he orders Bruce to remove the hacking device and escort her to the airport. As Bruce escorts Lauren away, the two talk about the fates of their other friends from CHERUB before deciding to go and get a drink.

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