The Islamic Department of Justice or IDoJ is a terrorist group appearing in Black Friday. When the TFU (Transnational Facilitator Unit) takes over the Aramov clan they decide to get rid of their explosives by selling them to IDoJ and having agents Ryan Sharma and Kazakov stop their operation to confiscate the explosives.

The IDoJ plans to launch a bombing in the US, targeting malls during Black Friday. They take over a plane by threataning the family of the pilot, and forcing the co-pilot to call in sick. The co-pilot is replaced by Elbaz, the intended leader of this new cell. Ryan and Kazakov board the plane and Ryan shows the pilot of picture of her family.

Once the plane lands Ryan and Kazakov are taken to a trailer. Kazakov takes a shower to give Ryan an excuse to snop around in the terrorist compound. He notes the Chevy Suburbans and the pie-shaped plastic explosives they are carrying.

After going the bathroom Ryan goes to the dinning room to get some food. He talks to a younger member who confirms that they do intend to suicide bomb malls. One of them claims he had his mother's car stolen so she wouldn't be present during the bombings. Elbaz then kicks Ryan out.

Once Ryan gets back to the trailer, he and Kazakov try to escape. Ryan is able to knock out a guard and steal his vehicle, but Kazakov is killed covering for him. Ryan is arrested by the local police, but the TFU is able to triangulate his call, and inform the police of what is going on. The malls are closed down, and the police and FBI hunt down the bomb cars. While most of them are caught, a few of them go off. Elbaz is arrested, and his deputy is shot.

The mission is deemed a failure, as they failed to prevent civilains from being killed, even if the death toll could have been much worse. Becuase of this, the American and British intelligence services are determined to wind down the Aramov Clan faster then intended. Even if the IDoJ is prevented from gaining a foothold in the US, the bombing still give them street cred in the middle east. 

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