'The Family Man' is a bonus story released by Robert Muchamore. The story depicts one of three alternate futures for James.


In June 2020, James and Kerry (who have married) are involved in a motorcycle accident. Although Kerry and her unborn daughter suffer no long-term injury, James suffers a serious back injury and is confined to a wheelchair.

In October 2031, Kerry works as a doctor and is constantly stressed out by her three daughters, who are constantly bickering. James, who gets along quite well with his daughters, scrapes by giving online tuition to university maths students. One day before work, James decides to destress by playing his Playstation V1. His daughters interrupt him and they engage in some banter with their father before leaving to school. As they leave, James reflects warmly on his life - despite being wheelchair-bound and living a boring life, he is blessed with a wife whom he loves, three daughters and many friends. He then returns to his game.

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