The fall

The Fall, the Seventh Book in the CHERUB series

The Fall is the seventh book in the Cherub series.


When an MI5 operation goes disastrously wrong, James Adams needs all his skills to get out of Russia alive. Meanwhile, his sister Lauren is on her first solo mission, trying to uncover a brutal human trafficking operation. And when James does get home, he finds that his nightmare is just beginning . . .

Plot line

In this book James Adam's is under cover in Aero City, Russia as the nephew of two MI5 agents, Boris and Isla who are cousins and husband and wife. James must find his way into the Obidin's house and plant bugs around their house. He gets into their house by tutoring their child Mark, English. The two MI5 agents set up a fake weapons trade in order to get the proof required to arrest him. Although instead of setting up a fake weapons trade they murder Obidin and double cross James Adam's, as they got paid a lot of money to do so. The guards then go after James Adams but James Adams finds refuge in an abbandoned home, catching, cooking and eating pigeons, and finally sleeping in a bath tub. Later that day some skateboarders catch James, beat him up and give him to his enemies, as a large reward was given for his return. The man he is picked up by is not a enemy, but an undercover CIA agent. He gives him somewhere to sleep, food, drink, first aid and access to the phone so James Adams can get back to campus. When James Adams gets back to campus, Ewart Asker tells James that his Cherub career is in danger. As the 2 MI5 agents that assassinated the enemies also got killed, MI5 blamed their deaths on Cherub. James does not beleive this, and he is actually correct, but he does not know this yet. Ewart actually has all the proof that it is all MI5's fault but doesn't want to tell James just yet. But James is not very trusting of Ewart and decides to sneak into his office, look through all his files and finds the correct peices of information. Someone interrupts his seach but it turns out only to be Dana, one of James's friends. As Dana is on cleaning duty, she agrees to help by sneaking the papers out the back of the building and they both take them back to James's room. After a long and tiring night of searching through all of the files, Dana admits that she likes James and she shows James her breasts which leads to snogging and are found by Lauren in James with Dana's top and bra in James's hand off so Lauren tells Kerry. But she’s tells after they “disappear”.

James and Dana also go out to spy on Ewart but end up saving his life and both get awarded their Black Shirts by Zara (Ewart's wife). In the end there is a food fight.

At the same time however Lauren Adams is on a solo mission to be friends with Anna (Young Girl who was human trafficked) , although some people keep phoning them and during one of their phone conversations they find the location and kidnap them. A man then takes Lauren into a small room and tried to rape her. But Lauren escapes by stabbing him with a hidden knife. The police storm the building and Lauren is saved. - Harley