Shakeel Dajani
Birth name Ahmad Shakeel
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Born 1992, Egypt
Status Alive, retired
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Ethnicity Middle Eastern
Appearance & Height Dark hair and eyes. Tall for his age.
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CHERUB career Nine years
Seven as a qualified agent
First Appearance The Recruit
Last appearance Shadow Wave

Shakeel 'Shak' Dajani (born Ahmad Shakeel) is a CHERUB agent, and is one of James' friends.


PHYSICAL: Big for his age, powerfully built and very fast, Shak is a talented rugby player.

COMBAT: Shak is a competent rather than spectacular martial artist. Although perfectly capable of defending himself, his interests lie in team sports.

ACADEMIC: Although clever by any normal measure, Shak's is retarded for a CHERUB agent. He works hard, though he can be easily discouraged, especially when the presence of the brightest cherubs undermines his achievements.

LIKES: Rugby, Green Day, reading.

DISLIKES: Curry, cross country running, maths.


Early LifeEdit

Shakeel was one of a number of illegal immigrants found inside a shipping container by UK customs officials. His father suffered a heart attack at a detention center a few weeks later and attempts to trace Shak's family back in Egypt failed. Sometime later he was recruited into CHERUB.

The RecruitEdit

Shak is on Basic Training along with James, Kerry, Nicole, Mo, Gabrielle, Callum and Connor. His training partner is Mo.

Class AEdit

The KillingEdit

In the beginning Shakeel goes on a mission with James to Trinity College to uncover links with George Stein and Help Earth.

Man vs BeastEdit

The FallEdit

The SleepwalkerEdit

James and Shak have a kart race using karts they have built in teams and have a race. In the distance, James can't tell who's kart has burst into flames and phones his then-girlfriend Dana to ask which kart is on fire and Dana tells James that Shw3ak's kart hawwsedrftgyuii7e876tyu80i-o098iw7e8r9t0y-u80o-98i7usdfigohj'

i0]s burst into flames. As a result of this, James wins the race.

The GeneralEdit

he dies

Shadow Wave Edit