Ringo Moore
Birth nameRingo Moore
Birth placeEngland
Eye colour-
Hair colour-
RelativesFather - Keith Moore

Mother - Julie Moore
Sister - April Moore (b. 1992)
Brother - Junior Moore (b. 1992)

Sister - Erin Moore (b. 1993)


Ringo Moore is the eldest child of Keith and Julie Moore. He is the older brother of April, Junior and Erin Moore.

He is a year 10 student at Grey Park School as of 2004.

Kyle befriends Ringo as part of the CHERUB mission to bring down Ringo's father's drug organisation, Keith Moore's Gang (KMG).

Ringo is described as a straight-up guy who smokes a fair bit of cannabis

Class AEdit

Ringo met Kyle at Grey Park School, as Kyle was conveniently placed into Ringo's year 10 class to befriend him for the mission.

Ringo invited Kyle to a party with his friends. The parties that Ringo normally attends has drug deals going on and normally ends up with Ringo smoking a bit of cannabis and drinking a lot of alcohol.

Kyle reports back to Zara Asker that Ringo is a bust in terms of their mission, as although Kyle was able to get into his friend group, nothing much eventuates where Keith Moore is concerned. However, at the parties Kyle and Ringo attend, there are drug deals that happen, so Kyle believes it to be useful if he sticks around and gets information from them.

At some point Kyle and Ringo went to a party in which Kyle ended up smoking a little bit of cannabis. The parties that the two attend are normally extremely wild. It is a few weeks after this party that Nicole overdoses on cocaine which results on all of the CHERUB agents having to take a drugs test. Unfortunately for Kyle, cannabis can stay in your system for weeks and he tested positive for the Class C drug cannabis - he was later put on probation back at CHERUB campus.

Ringo normally goes over to stay in his fathers' beach house in Miami, Florida every year with his brother, Junior, and father. However, he complained that he had too much homework to do so he couldn't go. An alternative motive was the fact that he was planning to have a party at the house - in which his father Keith Moore allowed him to do, only if he had chaperones from the boxing club there and nobody messed up the house and carpets.

Mad DogsEdit

Ringo is only mentioned in Mad Dogs, and Junior claims that he had gone to college and that whenever he gets a good grade, he gives his mother an orgasm.

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