Nicole Eddison
Birth name Nikki Vandome
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AKA Nicole Beckett (Class A)
Born 1992, Tottenham, London
Status Alive, retired
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Ethnicity Caucasian
Appearance & Height Red hair, green eyes, chunky build.
Shirt Grey
CHERUB career Two years
One as a qualified agent
First Appearance The Recruit
Last appearance Class A

Nicole Eddison (born Nikki Vandome) was a CHERUB agent before being expelled after Ewart Asker discovered she willingly took cocaine.


PHYSICAL: Nicole was quite obese when she joined CHERUB. A three month combat and espionage program followed by a second successful attempt at basic training have transformed her into a skilled CHERUB agent. Nicole's BMI and weight was amongst the highest of anyone at CHERUB.

COMBAT: Nicole is reasonably skilled at combat training.


LIKES: Boys, drinking

DISLIKES: PE, old people


Early LifeEdit

Nicole's parents and brother were in a car collision in 1992 shortly after being born. After it was discovered that the old man driving could barely see past the end of his nose, he was not charged. Nicole grew up in anger about this, deciding old people didn't deserve her respect. At some point she was recruited in CHERUB.

The RecruitEdit

Nicole started basic training in the same group as James, and quit on the first day. She attempted to get back in, but Large reminded her that she would need to start all over again.

Following this, she started more training to lose weight and became a qualified agent after her second attempt at basic training.

Class AEdit

Nicole accompanies Kyle, Kerry and James on the mission to infiltrate Keith Moore's Gang. She instantly becomes friendly with April. At one point, she kisses James briefly in the kitchen in their house in Luton, however this is not repeated. At the movies celebrating James' Birthday, Nicole takes a large amount of Cocaine with Junior. She continues taking the drug throughout the night at the youth centre, bebefore she collapses while climbing up the stairs at home. After making a full recovery, she was expelled from CHERUB. Before leaving she attempted to persuade James to leave as well. It was mentioned by Zara Asker that Nicole had overdosed before.

Nicole then went on to live with a foster family.