"What would you like us to call you? Cobb, Nick, Nickypoos, Cobbykins?"
Viv, Man vs Beast

Nick Cobb is a TV chef from Man vs Beast who is abducted by the AFA. He is force-fed his own, Cobb-brand sink cleaner for ordering 108 bunnies to be fed sink cleaner for a lawsuit. As the book says, 'Back in 2003, a three year old girl in Alabama drank some Cobb Cleanse sink and worktop cleaner.' It also says, 'To prove this fact, Cobb Cleanse Inc paid Malarek Research's US laboratory 23,000 dollars to run an experiment. In the tests Nick Cobb commisioned, one hundred and eight rabbits were made to drink Cobb Cleanse sink and worktop cleaner.' He luckily survives, at the cost of irreversible damage to his digestive system, which he has had extensive surgery to try and repair. Kyle Blueman is the person who ends up saving Nick from almost certain death because the AFA lock him in a cage. Cobb Cleanse did settle the lawsuit with the girl from Alabama, the figure was not disclosed, but is a 'seven-figure sum'.

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