Millie Kentner (1971-) is a fit black-haired ex-cherub who lived at CHERUB from 1981 to 1988 and worked on eleven missions. She was awarded her black shirt after a mission related to the 1985 miners' strike which was described as "one of the most outstanding preformances by a cherub, ever".

After leaving CHERUB, Millie studied forensic science at Sussex University and joined the Metropolitian Police in 1992. Millie was promoted to Inspector in 1996 and transferred to the Palm Hill squad. She turned down an opportunity to become Chief Inspector of the London taskforce in 2002 to continue working in Palm Hill.

After the arrest of Michael Patel, Millie, disillusioned, took two months leave. She turned down an offer to rejoin CHERUB as a handler and instead began working for the CIB for a team that roots out corrupt police officers.

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