Michael Patel is one of the main villans in The Killing. He has a wife called Patricia, and a three-year old daughter named Charlotte. He worked at the Palm Hill police force as a policeman.

James and Dave are on a misson to find out about Leon Tarasov's myterious new-found wealth. When James was arrested by Michael, Patel banged James' head against a car. James and Dave are curious about his behaviour, and it turns out he has a history of violent acts. In the end, James and Dave proved that Michael murdered eighteen-year-old Will Clarke by pushing him off a roof and was involved in a casino scandal.

Despite pleading not guilty, Michael was sentenced to life in prison, and cannot apply for parole until he has served eighteen years of his sentence.

Michael is apparently a cocaine addict, as Lauren discovered a bag of the stuff in a drawer while trashing his house with Kerry.

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