Kerry Chang
Kerry Adams
Birth name Ling Chang
Name Kerry Chang
Born 1992 Hong Kong
Status Alive, retired
Family James Adams (Husband)
Ethnicity Asian
Appearance & Height oriental looks, long black hair, brown eyes
Shirt White
CHERUB career Eleven years
Six as a qualified agent
First Appearance The Recruit
Last appearance Lone Wolf

Kerry Chang (born Ling Chang) is a former CHERUB agent. She is James Adam's wife.


ACADEMIC: Kerry is exceptionally intelligent and has a very high level in scientific and language skills.

COMBAT: Kerry is superior to almost anyone at CHERUB in martial arts, except Bruce Norris.

PHYSICAL: Kerry is tall, pretty, dark haired and oriental (east Asian) in appearance. She is perfectly built for gymnastics, athletics. Has small breasts but a big arse.

PERSONALITY: Kerry is selfless, brave, intelligent and the most level-headed person out of James's friends. She is sympathetic and willing to forgive Bruce after he twisted her leg in a fistfight fight at the start of Class A. Kerry is a good judge of character and able to see the goodness in James's personality. Kerry is extremely independent and self-confident and announces to James that she would do anything to make it through her 100 days of basic training.


Early Life

Kerry was found wandering the streets of Hong Kong in 1995. It is suspected that her family was one of many killed in a large apartment block fire. She was recruited to CHERUB in 1998.

(The Recruit)

She was James partner in basic training, and the two of them clashed at first but began to work as a team a lot better when they were sent into the final basic training excercise

(The Killing)

Gets back together after break up

(The Fall)

Kerry and James break up when Lauren catches James snogging Dana Smith. Ends up in a massive food fight. Several students recieved minor burns(According to text)

(Shadow Wave)

Has sex with James

In "Chairman".


James actually liked Kerry since Recruit but did not dare to ask her out until Class A.