Julie Moore
Birth nameJulie Robertson
Birth placeEngland
Eye colour-
Hair colour-
RelativesEx-husband - Keith Moore (m. 1983-2001)

Son - Ringo Moore (b. 1989) Son - Junior Moore (b. 1992) Daughter - April Moore (b. 1992)

Daughter - Erin Moore (b. 1993)
OccupationDrug Lord
StatusAlive - Prison


Julie Moore (nee. Robertson) was married to Keith Moore for 18 years (from 1983-2001). Together they have four children - Ringo , April , Junior and Erin .

Julie and Keith had known each other since infant school

Although Julie and Keith are divorced, the are still on good terms with one another. In fact, Julie lives across the street from Keith, while Keith has custody of their four children.

Class AEdit

It is revealed that Julie Moore take her two daughters, April and Erin, skiing each year while Keith takes their two sons, Ringo and Junior, to the beach house in Miami, Florida each year.

After Junior is expelled from Grey Park School for persistent truancy, Julie was "sick of his behaviour" and sent Junior to a school which specialised inn dealing with difficult boys. Julie does not want Junior to end up like his father.

Mad DogsEdit

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