Julian Pogue was born in 1986. He is a student at East Angelia university and he's back to Luton to stay with his family for Easter holidays. During the attack, he had agreed to replay with his former club to replace an unwell player. But when the Slasher Boys' attack the clubhouse of the MDFC (Mad Dogs Football Club), he wants to make sure that his younger brother who plays in the nearby ground is well and finds himself separated from his team members. At this moment, Julian finds himself battling against three Slasher Boys' who lard him of stabs. Pogue is transported in a critical state at the hospital of Luton ,fatally injured but still conscious. In spite of their efforts the doctors can't save him and Julian dies at night. In the radio interview, it is said "Julian Pogue, 21 years old, studying in first year of law in the university of East Angelia , succumbed to his wounds during the night.

RIP Julian Pogue

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