Jake Parker
Birth name Jacob Paloma
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Born 1996, Newcastle Under Lyme, UK
Status Alive, active
Family Bethany Parker (sister)
Ethnicity Caucasian
Appearance & Height Medium build, dark spiky hair, brown eyes
Shirt Navy
CHERUB career Seven years
Three as a qualified agent
First Appearance Class A
Last appearance Shadow Wave

Jake Parker (born Jacob Paloma) is a CHERUB agent known for his cockiness and narcisism.


PHYSICAL: Jake is quite small for his age, but resilient and game for anything.

COMBAT: Talented, but Jake has been punished for being too aggressive in the dojo.

ACADEMIC: Jake is cheeky and often fails to get his work done on time.

LIKES: Playstation, football, Crunchie bars.

DISLIKES: Being bossed around by Bethany and Lauren.


Early LifeEdit

Jake's parents died in a tragic helicopter accident during a sightseeing flight over the Grand Canyon in 2001. His sole surviving Grandparent lives in a care home. Severe Alzheimers disease means that she can barely remember her own name. Jake's older sister Bethany also lived on CHERUB campus until she was expelled.

Class AEdit

Jake was a hostage in a training exercise for some agents while at the CHERUB hostel.

Maximum SecurityEdit

Jake races James to the bus which brings the trainees back from basic training.Jake was going to meet Bethany and James, Lauren

The KillingEdit

'Jake is in James' team for the Training exercise at the SAS compound

Man vs BeastEdit

The FallEdit

Mad DogsEdit

During this time, Bethany was sent on a long mission in South America.

Dark SunEdit

The SleepwalkerEdit

Jake finds himself out of his depth early on in the mission. He is beaten up by a group of youths, as they attack his chest and stomach. He is seen crying moments later and is punished for his mistakes.

The GeneralEdit

Jake Parker takes part in the training exercise and shoots his sister by mistake.

Shadow WaveEdit

Reveals that he is gay


Jake's Sister Bethany Parker was expelled from CHERUB because she Communicated with a person she had met on a mission