Gareth Granger is a Welsh boy, who is in Year 7 at Gwen Morgan school. Gareth is a bully who takes an instant dislike to James, due to him being involved with Fort Harmony. In reality, James is a Cherub agent, but Gareth thinks James is a hippy, whom he despises. Gareth, along with a boy named Stuart, start to bully James, until James retaliates by punching Gareth on the nose. Later, Gareth, Stuart and a gang of boys beat James within an inch of his life. A few days later, James has recovered from his injuries, but Gareth and Stuart have another go at him in the dinner hall. James dunks Gareth's face in a vat of hot baked beans and this causes a nasty burn on his nose. Gareth got into trouble for causing the fight.

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