Fu Ning
Birth name Fu Ning
Name Fu Ning
AKA Ningo , Babe (Called by Ingrid)
Born c.2000, China
Status ALIVE
Family Chaoxiang (stepfather), Ingrid (stepmother)
Ethnicity East Asian
Appearance & Height Large stocky build, muscular, pretty face
Shirt Navy
CHERUB career 4 years
First Appearance People's Republic
Last appearance New Guard

Fu Ning is a Chinese girl who joins CHERUB after her stepfather was arrested and she fled the country with her Liverpudlian stepmother. She later met Ryan Sharma who helped her join CHERUB.

Ning is large for her age but not fat and was teased by the boys at her old school in China. She is intelligent and disliked school before joining CHERUB, and is a big fan of rock music.

Ning was originally recruited into CHERUB by Ryan Sharma, who is now a dear friend to her on campus. After her father, Chaoxiang was arrested and her Step-Mother Ingrid supposedly killed, Ning was on the run from pursuers until she was discovered by CHERUB and passed basic training on her first attempt. She has currently earned her Navy shirt, the second highest accolade a CHERUB agent can earn. Fu Ning is also Grace's friend.In Lone Wolf she got her black shirt and goes into a relationship with Bruce Norris shes verry sexy