Ewart Asker
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AKA Ewart Beckett (Class A)
Birth name Ewart St Clair-Fitzsimmons
Born 1976 Freetown, Rhodesia
Status Alive
Family Zara Asker (wife)
Joshua Asker (son)
Tiffany Asker (daughter)
Jonah Asker (son)
Ethnicity Caucasian
Appearance & Height Bleached blonde hair, heavy build, 190cm tall
Career status Mission Controller
CHERUB agent career Seven years as a qualified agent
Ten years as a CHERUB staff member
First Appearance The Recruit
Last appearance Shadow Wave
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Ewart Asker is a mission controller at CHERUB, and is a former agent. He is married to Zara.


Early LifeEdit

His father was a British ambassador to Zaire, who was killed in a helicopter crash in 1978. His mother is unknown. He also in one part was someone who James hates.

1983 - Joined CHERUB aged 10, passed basic training

1990 - Attained the Black Shirt

1993 - Ewart retired as a CHERUB agent after 22 missions. He took a gap year which he spent travelling

1994-97 - Attended Newyorkshire University and earned a second class degree in Mathematics.

1997-99 Ewart served in the Royal Navy as a driver. He was dishonorably discharged following violent conduct

1999 - He rejoined CHERUB as an assistant mission controller.

2003 - Ewart was promoted to Head Gardener.

The RecruitEdit

Ewart is the mission controller for James Adams in this book , and is described to looking laid back but wearing a tough guy look. He is angry at James for hanging around his girlfriend when he should be working on Clark and Sebastian.

Class AEdit

Maximum SecurityEdit

The KillingEdit

Divine MadnessEdit

Man vs BeastEdit

The FallEdit

Mad DogsEdit

The SleepwalkerEdit

The GeneralEdit

Brigands MCEdit

Shadow WaveEdit


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