Erin Moore
Birth nameErin Moore
Birth placeEngland
Eye colour-
Hair colour-
RelativesFather - Keith Moore

Mother - Julie Moore
Brother - Ringo Moore (b. 1989)
Sister - April Moore (b. 1992)

Brother - Junior Moore (b. 1992)


Erin Moore is the daughter of KMG leader, Keith Moore, and Julie Moore.

She is a year eight at Grey Park School. She is one year younger than her brother and sister Junior and April and four years younger than her older brother Ringo.

Class AEdit

As part of the CHERUB mission, Kerry is the agent who has to befriend Erin in order to get within the KMG organisation to bring it down. Erin has a tight group of friends and is not set in bringing Kerry into it.

Although Erin is quite smart, she shows no respect for her teachers, as she always make her spanish teacher cry during class.

Even Erin's family believe her to be a bit strange. Junior mentions that she was most likely abducted by aliens at birth and replaced with something else.

Mad DogsEdit

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