'Disconnected is a short story written by Robert Muchamore. It is set at the same time as Chapter 44 of Divine Madness.


Maths professor James Duncan returns from a meal with his fiance Gaynor, and the two watch a news report of the destruction of the Ark. James confesses to Gaynor that he fathered a son when he was seventeen, and tells her the story.

After accidentally knocking down a young girl and crashing his father's car, James wanders around the West End when he meets Gwen Choke. When James explains his situation (leaving out the part about the girl) Gwen takes pity on him and takes him back to her flat, where the two get drunk and eventually have sex. James and Gwen spend the next few weeks together before Gwen tells James that she is pregnant. Although James initially promises to stay with her, but becomes worried that the cops will eventually catch so leaves one day, returning to his parents in Cambridge before turning himself in. James and Gwen maintain contact while James is in prison and then university and Gwen names the baby after James. However, Gwen eventually moves on to Ron, who James ends up punching after Ron goads him about the girl and his upper-class background. Gwen soon realises that she is pregnant with Lauren and asks James to steer clear, but the two sporadically communicate until her death three years prior to the present day, although James is unaware that she has died.

James suggests to Gaynor that his son may try to find him, and decides to get into touch with him.

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