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Dante Welsh
Birth name Dante Scott
Name Dante Welsh
AKA John Raven (Brigands MC)
Born 1994, Salcombe Devon
Status Alive, active
Family Scotty (father, deceased)
Carol Scott (mother, deceased)
Jordan Scott (brother, deceased)
Lizzie Scott (sister, deceased)
Holly Welsh (sister)
Ethnicity Caucasian
Appearance & Height Muscular, red haired
Shirt Black
CHERUB career Five years
Four as a qualified agents
First Appearance Brigands MC
Last appearance Shadow Wave

Dante Welsh (born Dante Scott) is a CHERUB agent.

Profile Edit

Dante is a Good all-rounder, displaying proficient combat skills, as well as a high intellect and superfluous CHERUB skills. Dante is most distinctive with his Irish accent he picked up during a long mission in Belfast, combined with his vibrant orange hair and stocky build. Dante Welsh currently has earned his black CHERUB shirt.Dante had a relationship with Lauren in which the


Brigands MC Edit

After passing basic training, Dante goes on a mission to Belfast, Northern Ireland. Despite only being intended to last for eight weeks, the mission ended up going on for 34 months, the second-longest on record. During the mission, Dante had a thumb cut off, although it was successfully reattached. He was awarded the navy shirt at the end of the Belfast mission, and them a black shirt immediately afterwards for finding Zara Asker's green pen.

Shadow WaveEdit


  • Terwijl op Zijn missie naar Belfast, Dante gedateerd Een meisje genaamd Harriet meer dan Een jaar. En toen Zei HIJ: bye bye sie jou lat

Translation to Maori for Maori speakers.

Dante Welsh (whanau Dante Scott) ko te kaihoko kerupa.


Tinana: he te pai rounder katoa Dante.

Te aro: he fakanatula kaha Dante, engari kua pau ia te wā roa atu wānanga me kāore e ōrite ana ki tona kara whakangungu whawhai ana hoa.

Mātauranga: Clever ina hiahia ana ia ki te hei, engari e kore e tino pakeke e mahi.

Momo i: Kōrerorero ake kotiro.

Te kino to: Kiwa


Brigands MC

I muri i haere whakangungu taketake, Dante haere i runga i te misioni ki Belfast, Airangi ki te Raki. Ahakoa i te tikanga anake ki te muri no te waru wiki, mutu te misioni ake haere i runga i hoki 34 marama, te tuarua-roa i runga i record. I roto i te misioni, hatepea atu te koromatua, ahakoa I momoho te reattached reira i Dante. I whakawhiwhia e ia te koti kaipuke i te mutunga o te misioni Belfast, a ratou he hāte pango tonu muri iho no te rapu pene matomato Tera Asker o.

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