Corbyn Copse is a sweet English country village, near to a Malarek UK animal research laboratory where animal rights activists often go to protest against the testing of animals which eventually leads to the animals death. Some locals work, or worked, for Malarek UK, including Christine Pierce (a mother who was assaulted by radical activists at the beginning of Man vs Beast). Nearby villages include Rigsworth, Ridgeway, and Trowbridge.

== History==
Corbyn Copse has a long history. It is generally agreed the village started out as a large piece of farmland surrounded by woods and traditional countryside. Later, when a nearby village was flooded and everything was destroyed the villagers decided to rebuild here as it is ontop of a large hill. Over-time the village has been built up and has a number of small shops and a post office within one of them. In 1964 Malarek decided to open up a UK branch of their already sprawling scientific research empire (thus establishing Malarek UK), this giant project took 4 years to complete and brought hundreds of jobs to the surrounding area effectively turning this village into a small town. Later on, as animal rights activists became braver, non-violent attacks were launched on Malarek UK (spear-headed by the Zebra Alliance) which resulted in the company losing suppliers. To counter this, Malarek offered better wages and better prices. When the leader of the Zebra Alliance was placed into jail things took a turn for the worse for Malarek UK and its staff, who began to suffer violent attacks which resulting in the killing of eight people with many more injured or maimed over time.

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