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CHERUB at Christmas
 is a short story written by Robert Muchamore. It takes place on 24 December 2004, in between Class A and Maximum Security.


On Christmas Eve the cherubs are getting into the Christmas spirit. James and Bruce go to London to visit Alan, who has taken over Gwen Choke's shoplifting empire, to purchase shoplifted items as presents for their friends, including Kerry, who is undercover in Japan but makes a quick call to James as Christmas Day begins in Tokyo. However, when James returns he is ordered to complete a Russian essay under the supervision of Maureen's assistant Christine. Lauren and Kyle are continuing their ditch-clearing punishment, but are sent inside early by the kindly groundskeeper. An terminally ill ex-cherub and friend of Mac's, Marcus Thompson, arrives to see campus one last time, but as Mac is busy he asks Gabrielle to show Marcus around. After dinner, James, Marcus and the cherubs watch Maureen Evans appear on a Christmas edition of Sport Quiz, where she is teased by the host over a series of commercials she made in Japan.

After Sport Quiz finishes, the gang decide to watch the nativity play in the junior block. Marcus, despite being drunk, insists on driving the group over but ends up crashing the golf buggy. At the play, James finds that Lauren has gone to bed, and goes to wish her goodnight.

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