CHERUB Jr suggested cover 1

A fan cover of the short story.

CHERUB Jr cover paintball

Another fan cover of the short story.

CHERUB Jr is a short story by Robert Muchamore. It is aimed at a younger audience and as such the writing style is very different to the novels and other short stories. In an email, Muchamore states that it is set "about Man vs Beast."


Four-year-old Zoe King in on holiday in Arizona with her mother and father, three-year-old brother Rob and twelve-year-old brother Louis. The family visit the Grand Canyon and prepare to take a helicopter ride, but the pilot refuses to let Zoe and Rob ride as they are too small to fit in the seats. The two toddlers instead play in the play area of the terminal. However, moments after take-off the helicopter explodes, killing all on board.

on their antics at the mall.

Rob and Zoe move into their new room. The two decide that their parents wouldn't have wanted them to fight all the time and decide to become friends.

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