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Bruce Norris (born Aled Thomas) is a former CHERUB agent.


PHYSICAL: Although he is thin, Bruce is extremely strong and has excellent stamina. He is described as vertically challenged and 'wiry'. Also, he prefers martial arts to other physical activities.

COMBAT: Extremely talented although some people think his obsession is disturbing. He is highly cunning and uses distraction to his advantage in The Recruit. He is borderline sadistic and is quoted to be in need of serious mental treatment.

ACADEMIC: Not great by CHERUB standards. Bruce is only really interested in martial arts

LIKES: Bruce Lee movies, violence.

DISLIKES: Jackie Chan movies, people calling him a baby, anything non violent.

PERSONALITY: He tends to boast about his achievements in Martial arts. He is slightly arrogant, as he boasted to have his leg broken in nine places, when Kerry comments it was seven. He is intelligent, but cocky and monomaniacally addicted to violence He is still brave and willing to stand up for his friends on several occasions.


Early lifeEdit

Bruce's mother died hours after Bruce was born, while his father died when Bruce was a toddler.


Bruce was selected to fight with potential recruit James Choke by Mac. Bruce easily outmatched his larger opponent with his fighting skills, dislocating his right thumb and breaking his nose before James submitted. When James was accepted into CHERUB, Bruce asked Kyle Blueman to bring James to see him, and ensured that there were no harsh feelings for outcome in the fight. (The Recruit)


(The Recruit)

(Class A)

(Christmas Story)


(Maximum Security)

(The Killing)


(Divine Madness)

(Man vs Beast)

(The Fall)


Bruce is invited on a pro-drugs mission by James who is planning to reunite with his old friend Junior Moore. They join the 'Mad Dogs' (a street gang) lead by Sasha Thompson, while a fellow CHERUB agent (Michael Hendry) is on the other end trying to bring down the Slasher Boys (another street gang) lead by Major Dee, who are currently in a gang war with the 'Mad Dogs'. They successfully infiltrate the gang and bring it down and Bruce earns his black shirt, and James loses his virginity to Sasha Thompson's daughter Lois. Bruce teases James about it and threatens to tell Dana Smith, James' girlfriend at the time.

(Dark Sun)

Bruce was off on a mission during this time. (The Sleepwalker)

(The General) Bruce is selected to go for a training mission in Las Vegas


(The General)

(Brigands MC)

Bruce and Bethany get together for a short time


(Shadow Wave)



Robert Muchamore got the name 'Bruce Norris', by combining Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris.He dreams of becoming the Ultimate Champion.Edit

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