Brigands Motorcycle Club is a biker gang founded by Kurt Oxford in 1966. Despite Oxford's death in prison in 1969, the gang continued to grow. By 1985, the club had an estimated 3,000 full-patch members and 30,000 associates and hangers-on.

The club has 70 chapters in the United States and over 100 more worldwide.


  • Long Beach, California, United States (mother chapter)
  • South Devon, United Kingdom
  • London, UK
  • Cardiff, UK
  • Bristol, UK
  • Rotterdam, Netherlands
  • Valencia, Spain
  • Mexico City, Mexico
  • Sydney, Australia
  • At least one chapter somewhere in Scandinavia
  • At least two chapters in Argentina
  • At least two other chapters in the Netherlands
  • At least one chapter in South Africa
  • At least one chapter in the northern UK


  • Brigands MC is, in Britain at least, the second-most powerful biker gang, surpassed only by "one mighty international gang" (ostensibly Hell's Angels).
  • Jane Oxford, the wife of Kurt Oxford, once wrote a book on the history of the Brigands, Riding with Kurt and the Brigands.
  • The club's patch depicts a highwayman brandishing a sawn-off shotgun.
  • The Vengeful Bastards were formed by two Brigands kicked out of the Brigands for using heroin. The Vengefuls are the Brigands' sworn enemies.

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