Black Friday is the third edition of the second CHERUB series.

Ryan is about to board a plane, knowing that the next twenty-four hours will change everything. His mission is to stop the biggest terrorist attack America's ever seen.


he book begins with Ryan and Kazakov infiltrating the terrorist group IDoJ (The Islamic Department of Justice), who are planning to send 11 tonnes of explosives to the United States, and use them to blow up shopping malls on Black Friday, if successful, this attack will kill tens of thousands of people. IDoJ has requested the help of the Aramov Clan's airforce, however, the Aramov Clan is now run by the American Intelligence. Kazakov is killed in one of the explosions, but cops and FBI were successful in tracing down the explosives, despite a few casualties.

While Ryan's mission in the U.S is taking place, Fu Ning, Grace Vulliamy, Leon Sharma, and Alfie Dubioisson are taking the advanced driving course, run by former CHERUB agents James Adams and Bruce Norris. Ning and Grace pass, but Leon and Alfie are disqualified after foul play in the final test. The six of them learn about the events in the U.S, and of Kazakov's death. Hh Ryan and Amy Collins are sent to the Kremlin in Kyrgyzstan to finish their mission of winding down Aramov operations. While they are over there, Leonid Aramov's ex-wife Tamara requests the help of Amy and her people to get Leonid out of her life for good, by either killing him or putting him behind bars. Tamara and her son, Andre are sent to ten-day training courses, Andre is sent to CHERUB campus, and his training is led by James Adams. Andre and Tamara are sent to Dubai, and then to Mexico, where Leonid, Alex and Boris are staying. James travels to Mexico to assist Andre and Tamara in their mission, they discover that Leonid is planning to sell 74 PGSLM's (Precision Guided Shoulder Launch Missiles) to a gang. James had learned about PGSLM's in 2005 during his mission in "Maximum Security". Shortly after attaining this knowledge, Andre discovers a PGSLM in a cupboard, and gives it to James, who later uses it to blow up a factory that is suspected to house the 74 missiles. Andre and Tamara are pulled out of the operation, as they have done all they can do, but, right before they leave, Tamara shoots Leaonid dead.

The Kremlin is destroyed by American Intelligence, and the Aramov Clan falls.