James courtiously walked into the garage where his beauty harley is kept. He stepped onto the harley and kick started the bike. he knew he was not allowed to go to the pub but his long lost friend kyle texted him saying

baby meet me at the pub, we need to have a chat old buddy.

james knew he had no choice no matter what happened.

it was 10:30 at night when he walked into the pub. he scanned the pub for any sign of his pal kyle. he was going to walk out when he heard his name being called. he noticed a hand waving from outside. james carefully walked out into the pitch black sky like a storm brewing closer. he thought he was just hearing things when a hand grabbed out and shoved him into the wall. he noticed his girlfriend kerry was there and so was other girlfriend dana.

james asked" what are you guys doing here? i thought you was all in bed."

kerry answered " we are called here for a new mission".