Bert Hogg was born in 1954. He appears in the Mad Dogs as a soccer referee who is referees the match of the young boys of the MDFC (Mad Dogs Football Club). During the match, he is very severe with a player called Samuel and his mother who attends the match abuses Bert Hogg of big conceited idiot. When he tries to keep his calm, he sees several cars of Slasher Boys coming near him. When a Range Rover approches him, Bert remains bravely . But seeing the car does n't slow down, Bert begins running. Unfortunately, he is mown by a Evo Mitsubishi belonging to Slasher Boys. Hogg is helped by the police force who drive him to the hospital of Luton. In the radio interview, it is said "Bert Hogg, 53 years old soccer referee, stay in serious state. Fortunately for him, he survives.

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