Basic Training is something all CHERUB agents must undergo before being able to go missions.

It involves running an assault course, physical training, espionage, language, weaponry, explosives, survival training.

It lasts for 100 days, and all CHERUB agents say it is one of the hardest parts of their CHERUB Careers.

Kyle Blueman says "Basic Training is the worst 100-days of your life".

The basic point of the training is to make the CHERUB's remember basic training, and if they get in trouble on a mission, know they've been through worse.

Norman Large is the Head of Training until Mad Dogs where he retires. many staff don't like him and almost all agents hate him, but Zara Asker said he was one of the best at what he did.

Other training instructors include: Speaks, Smokes, Yosyp Kazakov and Pike (Pike later becomes Head Of Training).

The slogan of the training is: "This is tough, but CHERUBS are tougher".


  • Lauren Adams failed her basic training the first time around after hitting the instructor Mr.Large, with a shovel.
  • Nicole first failed hers when she quit, she passes the second time.
  • Kerry Chang failed her basic training once before passing on her second try.
  • It was revealed in his interview that Kyle Blueman passed basic training at the first attempt (but didn't feel good about it because his best friend Rod Nilsson got sick and was forced to leave CHERUB).