The Aramov Clan is an billion-dollar illegal smuggling business run from a desolate airfield a hundred kilometres east of Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan. It is based around ex-Soviet aeroplanes.

Its major characters are Irena Aramov, a woman in her seventies who is bound to a wheelchair, nevertheless, she hasn't lost the ruthless streak to run such an operation. She has a son called Leonid, who she later discovered killed his sister Galenka (aka Gillian Kitsell) and kidnapped her grandson Ethan.

In Black Friday, Irena and Leonid are replaced by Josef Aramov.

People's RepublicEdit

In People's Republic, the clan is a 700-strong team of pilots and engineers, with a massive fleet of ex-Soviet jets which look like "where the final sequence of an action movie could be shot." It is the smuggling operation in which Fu Ning and her stepmother, Ingrid, go to Kyrgyzstan, supposedly en route to Britain, and are tortured by Leonid Aramov for the millions of dollars owned by Fu Chaoxiang, the head of a smuggling gang which exported girls from North Korea.

They are also the organisation which Ryan Sharma targets in his mission, but the only Aramov people they encounter are Ethan and Galenka(Gillian) living under the name Kitsell.

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