The Fall Edit

Anna was discovered by Yvette Clark and George Savage early in the book. She was alone on a boat. Anna refused to give her surname and background, so eventually, John Jones sent Lauren to find information on her background, as Anna could only speak Russian, which Lauren was able to talk in. After a few weeks of staying in an orphanage with her, Lauren and Anna were kidnapped by two men, servants of one of Anna's previous bosses, though Lauren resisted. They were sent into a hotel where they were forced to work in the sex industry. Lauren attacks her guard and frees all the girls. Anna was among them. During the aftermath of the event, she was adopted by parents in Scotland. Her previously weak English has improved. Her brother, Georgy Chaika, who she was looking for and mentioned multiple times, was never found.

Personality Edit

Anna was only met with for a brief time. John Jones suspects she is much more clever than every thought of, and realizes that if she had the brains, she could deny all the questions she was asked and eventually pass into an English citizen. She is fluent in Russian, but not as good in English. Due to this, Lauren was specifically chosen, as she would be able to communicate with her.

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