The Animal Freedom Army, abbreviated to the AFA, was founded in 2006 as a splinter group of the Animal Freedom Militia, with great financial support from Rhiannon Jules. They were a serious terrorist organisation, and managed two arson attacks and two attempted murders during their short time active.

During Man vs Beast, Kyle and James were inducted into the group to help kidnap celebrity chef Nick Cobb and forcefeed him Cobb Cleanse Kitchen Cleaner. This almost caused the death of the chef, but the plot was foiled by Kyle.

* Rhiannon Jules (leader; incarcerated)
* Jay Buckle (incarcerated)
* Tom Carter (incarcerated)
* Viv Carter (incarcerated)
* Adelaide Kent (incarcerated)
* Kennet Marcussen (incarcerated)
* James Wilson
* Kyle Wilson (deceased)