Aero City is an impoverished Russian city near Moscow, built to accomodate the Hilton Aerospace airport, however, the industry collapsed, therefore making Aero City redundant. While James was stationed in Aero City, he met a undercover American agent there who assisted James in his escape from Aero City because of his part in 'Maximum Security'. Denis Obidin was the mayor until his assassination by Boris Kotenkov and Isla Kotenkov in October 2006, and his brother, Vladimir Obidin, is the chief of police. The government and police of the city are very corrupt. The current mayor is Denis Obidin's wife. The city's inhabitants who aren't poor mainly live in the apartment buildings controlled by the government. A gang of skaters who attack James, led by Josef Novosi, live there.

Aero City is featured in "CHERUB: The Fall"

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